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¿Qué voy aprender?

  • Al final del curso el alumno tendrá las bases de la programación

  • Al finalizar el curso el alumno entenderá la sintaxis del lenguaje

  • Al final del curso el alumno podrá programar en C

  • Al finalizar el curso el alumno podrá extrapolar los conocimientos adquiridos a otros lenguajes de programación

  • Entender la lógica necesaria de los lenguajes de programación.

  • Adquisición de conocimientos sobre librerías de C

  • Al finalizar el curso el alumno podrá resolver problemas desde 0


¿A quién está dirigido?

  • Personas que estén iniciándose en la programación.

  • Personas que quieran empezar a programar y no sepan como hacerlo.

  • Personas que deseen entender y asentar mejor sus conocimientos sobre programación.

  • Personas que quieran aprender a programar en lenguaje C.

  • Estudiantes.

  • Autodidactas.


  • No es necesario tener conocimientos de programación puesto que comenzamos de cero.

  • Es necesario un entorno de desarrollo (NetBeans, Sublime ...)


Descripción del curso

The intent of this course is to provide to all those who want to start programming and do not know how to do it; basic knowledge of programming in a particular programming language, in this case is the C language; and with such knowledge or experience can learn other languages without complications.

In this course I have chosen the C programming language because of its popularity, efficiency and power that has occurred because this language is practically not associated with any particular operating system. This is the fundamental reason why C is known as systems programming language par excellence.

Advantages of C:

  • The C language is powerful and flexible, with orders, operations and library functions that can be used to write most programs running on the computer.
  • C is used by professional programmers to develop software in most modern computer systems.
  • You can use C to develop operating systems, compilers, real-time systems and communications applications.
  • A C program can be written for one type of computer and moved to another computer with little or no modification

The course, in addition to the videos, has material support in the form of presentations with the given in each chapter and material practices.

The objectives of this course are:

    Knowing the basics of programming.

    To know the basics.

    -Learn A methodology.

    To think in an abstract and structured way.

    And finally get to extrapolate this knowledge to any other language.